Stained Concrete Floors Tampa FL

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Having stained concrete is an effective way to make your floors look more appealing. Colorful and painted floors provide a unique curb appeal to your home or business establishment. Our stained concrete floors Tampa FL services are meant to make your floors long-lasting and durable, simply because stains are absorbed into the concrete surface. Depending on your preference, you might go for this option instead of a polished floor if you’re after a more creative and unique physical appeal. One of concrete’s best attributes is its versatility, making stained concrete floors an excellent option for you.

stained concrete floors tampa fl

Stained floors are water-resistant and are a pet-friendly choice if you ever own some. Pets won’t affect the quality of the stains on your floors. Stained floors can be cleaned with traditional methods such as using a mop, broom, or vacuum. However, they require resealing or waxing, and we advise you to do it at least once a year to maintain their supreme quality. We want you to take advantage of their appeal and purpose, so we suggest resealing and waxing as a part of regular maintenance for your stained floors.

Stained Concrete Floors Tampa

Stained floors are more affordable than polished floors. The former also don’t require so much labor and resources for the installation and execution. Our stained concrete floors Tampa service’s finishing effect is reflective and isn’t entirely high-gloss than the polished one. Your concrete floors can also have customized stains, which you can select from our wide array of stain options. The kind of stain to use will depend on whether it’ll be applied indoors or outdoors, but our wide selection of stains will give you the freedom to be creative, so feel free to choose any that fit your requirements. You don’t need to worry about the foot traffic on your house floors, because these are durable and long-lasting. Give us a call today and learn more about our staining methods and procedures.

All Concrete Tampa also offers acid stain concrete Tampa services to those who want to use this style for their flooring. There are chemical components and a specific method involved with acid stained floors. You can rely on our professional concrete flooring experts to do this task for you. Like the standard staining method, the stain used for acid stain also penetrates the concrete surface, resulting in such a floor design. With the different components such as acid-soluble metallic salts, water, and hydrochloric acid, we’re capable of transforming your floors with unique looks. They’ll never fade and peel off over time, so this is an economical and creative option for your homes. The effects of these acid stained floors will depend on the combination and mixing involved. So, you can trust our staining professionals to do this task for you. You’ll have unique floors in no time. Talk to our expert concrete representative today, and let us know your preferences. We can start your floor resurfacing by using any stains you prefer.